3 bizarre medical disorders

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Previously, we have written about mental illnesses, especially in adolescents. We believe as a society in India, we tend to not talk about various forms of mental illness, which perhaps needs most serious attention and medical care.

Here are three mental disorders that are not commonly known or understood. Our aim is to present these disorders here for awareness reasons, and not to pass a medical judgement on anyone or make fun of a condition. If you knew anyone potentially suffering from a mental condition, our advise is to see a medical practitioner immediately and not cover up or think of it as a taboo subject. It is also helpful not to come to any conclusions when you are not trained to do so.

  1. Schizotypal DisorderIn this disorder, the patient may desire isolation and start believing in strange things, for instance magic, unreal fantasies. The person may display eccentric behaviour and have difficulties with human relationships.

  2. Folie à Deux: Literally meaning “madness shared by two”- in this disorder, the symptoms of one patient may be passed onto or shared by another person who lives close to the patient. Both then start displaying behaviour similar, for instance believing in similar delusions etc.

  3. Münchausen by ProxyHere a caregiver, for instance a mother, fabricates details about the health a child to seek attention. They may even physically or psychologically cause harm to the child in extreme cases.

We hope you take care of both your physical and mental health!

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