5 Apps for students!

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We all know how great smartphones are when it comes to social networking and gaming, but they can also be very helpful in managing your studies, homework and assignments. We have a list of 5 apps that can help not only students, but also educators and parents.

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1. myHomework: Great for college as well as high schoolers and younger students, myHomework app for students allows you to prioritize homework assignments as well as track them on a user-friendly calendar. The simple interface lets you differentiate whether an assignment is a paper, test or just regular homework and color-code assignments as into upcoming or even late categories.

2. Evernote: This free app for students (and all in fact) lets of all ages access clippings, URLs, and notes from an Evernote hub, which is accessible via smartphone or from a laptop or desktop computer. You can also collaborate with fellow students by sharing notes via the app. And instead of your jumbled mess of notes, Evernote allows you to organize via a clear notebook sorting system.

3. StudyBlue: This app for students allows you to create your own flashcards and use flashcards used by classmates and friends. It optimizes study by tracking which cards have been mastered so students can focus just on what they still need to learn. Cards can be text, images or audio.

4. Graphing Calculator: Graphing is one of the most tedious tasks for a maths student, and conventional graphical calculators are quite expensive. So replace those bulky and expensive calculators with this amazing app that will take care of all your graphing needs.

5. 30/30: This is the ultimate time management tool. This app allows you to break down all the tasks you need to do into a set amount of time: 30 minutes to do your history homework, 20 minutes for math, etc. These timers help you get cracking on your work so it’ll actually get done.

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