5 life skills to teach your kids

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As important the academic skills are for your children, equally crucial are the life skills. Here’s our list of 5 life skills that you can inculcate in your kids:

life skills

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1. Time management: “Time is money”. So, teach your kids the importance and value of time.

2. Money management: They shouldn’t be miser or extravagant. Teach them the importance of saving and spending wisely.

3. Decision making: This will go a long way in their personal as well as professional lives. Healthy decision making is very crucial at every step in our lives.

4. Communication: Develop communication and inter-personal skills in your kids. Confidence is very important aspect of this.

5. Anger management: This is a very important trait to inculcate in kids. Everybody tends to be very short tempered in today’s world.

These are some basic life skills that we think should be on every parent’s list. Start developing them in your kids now to make them responsible adults in the future.

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