5 superpowers of girls!

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Girls have superpowers and now this has been scientifically proved. Here are five of the superpowers of girls that are exclusive to them 😀 !

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1. Stronger immune systems: The “weaker sex” has stronger immune systems than their male counterparts and they also tend to live longer.

2. Ability to perceive more colors: According to one respected scientist named Israel Abramov, women can see differences in colors far better than men. Having studied human vision for half a century, Abramov found that while men were better at seeing objects move across their line of sight, women were better at identifying subtle disparities among different hues.

3. Enhanced sense of danger: We all know that women are very protective of their offspring. New research has shown that their protectiveness actually extends all the way back to before their children were even born.

4. Masters of multitasking: Interestingly, different studies have shown that men are actually better at multitasking, but it appears to be largely dependent on the task at hand, which fits the theory that men and women have evolved to perform in different capacities.

5. Morning sickness saves lives: scientists Paul Sherman and Samuel Flaxman asserted that morning sickness is actually a defense mechanism to protect an expecting mother and her unborn child from parasites and harmful toxins found primarily in meat, fish, and poultry products. As if having a baby wasn’t a miracle in itself!

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Happiness spread by girls! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We hope you girls celebrate your superpowers and for the men, such a lot to appreciate 🙂

Have a great weekend ahead!

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