Our Story

Dr Uday Kakroo

With his family and two small kids, Dr. Uday Kakroo shifted from Srinagar, Kashmir valley in 1990 as a displaced Kashmiri Pandit, to be able to keep the family safe from the constant conflict that had become the hallmark of Kashmir during those turbulent times. With an unclear future, a small hope of returning home and a sum of 2000 Rupees of cash, the family first moved to Jammu – like several others- and then to the National Capital Territory Region of Delhi, India. While struggling to re-build a life in a new place, Dr. Kakroo recollects now with a certain sense of pride, that the only thing that helped them sustain and grow was their education. He recognizes that while many claim that wealth and money do not necessarily come with education, the understanding and astute reasoning do. This became the mainstay of the philosophy of an NGO he founded.

MIEF Mission


  • Education and sell reliance for all
  • Promotion, encouragement and research support in the fields of education, health, science and technology, art, environment and culture

 Why be kind and give?


  • Giving Makes You Feel Happy
  • Giving Makes You Healthier
  • Giving Promotes Cooperation
  • Giving Awakens A Sense Of Gratitude
  • Giving can spur a ripple effect