AMU: XXXVII Indian Social Science Congress

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Indian Academy of Social Sciences (ISSA) in association with Aligarh Muslim University
(AMU) is going to hold the 37th session of ISSC towards year end between December 27-31,
2013 at Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India.

This year, the focus of the 37th session is on ‘building an ecologically sustainable society‘. And while it sounds like a heavy topic, we are also very excited to share this with you, that Millennium India Education Foundation (MIEF) will be participating in this year’s session.

Science popularisation with school children

MIEF’s Science popularization workshop with school children

On the 28th of December between 2-3pm, Dr Uday Kakroo, Director, MIEF has been invited to chair a session on “Science Communication and Science Popularization”. We are mighty proud for such an invitation and hope the session will be awesome! The potential speakers for this session will be talking on various topics including- science popularization in schools, amidst young people, elderly people, women, and also talking about tools of science communication and popularization including social media.

We think it will be an interesting platform to hear many experienced speakers on their experiences in science communications in different segments, what challenges they face, and what suggestions they have.

If you have any inputs, ideas, or more so if you’re in Aligarh at that time, feel free to join us for the session, or share your views via Facebook/ Twitter or email.

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