Building awareness in J.J. clusters

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JJ clusters delhi

Health awareness in JJ clusters

One of our constant endeavours have been in understanding how awareness can be built in different segments that often are disconnected from mainstream exposure and media.

In 2009-10, MIEF with the support of Department of Prohibition, Government of Delhi, organized cultural events (street drama) in slums and jhugi jhopdi (J.J.) cluster colonies in Delhi. 10 shows were organised as a part of this project.

The key insights we got from the whole project were:

  • For health (prohibition) awareness projects for segments disconnected from mainstream, the idea is to go to them. This means organizing programmes where they live
  • The connection and understanding built is far greater when the awareness programmes are packaged in a form of ‘entertainment’ and are less preachy
  • We felt a sense of encouragement with the participation especially as the programmes were in local languages and flavour, so that people could understand the reasons for the awareness better
  • Most importantly, people don’t buy what you’re telling them, unless you can show them the why. This has been very significant for us mainly in understanding how health content can be created in meaningful way for an audience that does not have a big understanding to begin with.

We hope you can use these learning for your health awareness projects too. And awareness begins, at home.

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