Dos & Don'ts: What to 'teach' children in the new year!

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what to teach children in the new year

Do and don’ts: what to teach children in the new year

Things to do: what you must teach children

  • Love: The family, friends, the environment that sustains us, and most importantly cultivate this feeling to not develop negative emotions of hatred against anyone
  • Empathy: Try and see the situation from another person’s point of view before deriding them, or getting upset
  • Determination: Understand that failure is not a bad thing, but not trying is. Aspire for high goals and be determined to achieve them!

Things to not do: what you must ask children to avoid

  • No exercise: It’s easy to be a couch potato and spend all your time in front of the TV or the computer. Healthy exercises are for the long term keeping us mentally and physically fit to face all challenges and be happy!
  • Disrespect: Everyone is an ‘equal’. Disrespecting others’ point of view shows the lack of openness in over own selves. Irreverence for the sake of it is not cool !
  • Copycats: Originality is one of the most beautiful things you can contribute to. Copying others or their work mindlessly (or downloading from the Internet and not attributing) is the same as stealing. We don’t want to raise dishonest and corrupt children!

And those are our weekend tips for the first weekend of 2014, we hope everyone has a great year ahead. Come back to get your Monday inspiration next week 🙂

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