How to take out time for social initiatives!

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There is no doubt that the world is now a very busy place. We are the ones who’ve made it so, and also we’re the ones who have the responsibility of making it a better place to live.

Help the world

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We see a lot of NGOs doing their part in this, but as individuals, we need to do a lot more. There might be people in this world who’re doing enough, but there are not enough people who are doing it. We need to find time in our lives so that, rather than just making our lives better, we can make the lives of the less fortunate, better.

There are a lot of ways in which you can make a difference by not compromising much of your time. Volunteering is one option. Another option is contributing to an ongoing initiative. You can provide financial help, or you can just share an idea. A lot of organizations are willing to take up new ideas and take the initiative.

In any way you help the society, you’re doing something good for the world. So let’s take out a little time in a our daily lives and do our part for creating a better world.

The reason we mention it today where we talk about ‘past projects’ really is to thank all of those people who volunteer with us and help us spread the awareness that we can’t quite do alone. This includes the people manning our Taramandal project, the various competitions we hold in schools, even the help we’ve been getting on our more recent Sharada project, and last but not the least our website and online interns who do such a great job! Thank you for your support!!

And, on that note, we hope you find  a social issue that you can support too. We can assure you that it aids better sleep- and that’s never a bad thing, is it !




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