Indian Television: Good or bad?

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With the increasing use of internet and social networking sites, television industry is dying (okay maybe not dying but s-l-o-w-l-y becoming less popular), especially as far as the (urban) youth is concerned. Gone are the days of daily soaps on Indian TV with the same concepts. Because of this, producers are now desperate to gather audience by getting their attention using arguably cheap content.

Such are the so called “reality shows”. Apart from the abusive language used on these shows to get youth attention, they hardly have any “reality” in them. They are actually creating ‘fake realities’. We’d like to believe people don’t live so, would that be too optimistic? 🙂

However, there are some good shows produced on Indian television which offer entertainment without compromising on values. Some also help in sending a message and creating awareness along with entertainment, which, we think, is the best form of entertainment. Such shows are well-received also though they may not be viral hits or TRP generators as the producers perhaps argue. What we need is more such shows on Indian TV which can fulfill a purpose along with entertainment, don’t you think?

Television, with the right intentions, can be a powerful tool in shaping the society for better. Any message sent out in the form of humor or entertainment is much more effective than teaching or reading. It’s time we utilize this resource for the betterment rather than degradation! See what we did with the Polio campaign, this medium still has such great potential, we just need the creative and social support behind it!

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