MIEF project: Science promotion via social media

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As we already told you on the 28th of December between 2-3 pm, Dr Uday Kakroo, Director, MIEF will chair a session on “Science Communication and Science Popularization” in Aligarh Muslim University.

We have more news on this programme, MIEF will also be presenting a case for using social media for science popularization amongst children especially in schools and colleges! Isn’t that amazing? After all given the time young people spend on Facebook and Twitter, we do think even complex biology and chemistry will sound more interactive on this media!

Science popularization in schools via social media

Science popularization in schools via social media picture via

What do you think? What ideas would you have for us to talk about? Have you seen any interesting case studies across the world where this is already happening? Do share your views with us! 

We will of course keep sharing our views on how the Aligarh experience is for us! 🙂

We’re excited !!

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