Monday inspiration: On finding joy in life

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Dear readers,

Today, we bring you three inspiring quotations for increasing the chances of bringing in more joy in life. We hope you have a great Monday and begin the week looking out for increasing your happiness quotient!

  • The first one is about embracing your uniqueness and being yourself. Just the freedom we give ourselves to be ourselves is perhaps the most basic of human needs and surely brings us joy!
  • The next one is about goal setting. Finding our passion is primary to getting ourselves on the route of realising our goals. However, our chances of getting disappointed are decreases infinitely, when we accept and have belief in our passion, while also being flexible to different methods!
  • And, taking of goals and ‘what we like’ is something we can only find from within. What our heart says is independent of peer pressure, social rules, but purely moves us towards a goal that will bring us joy!

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