Monday Inspiration: Magic!

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It’s the last Monday of 2013! Feels like the year just flew.

At MIEF, we have many new things to look forward to.  This year, apart from our regular projects, our first website came into being and is 2 months old now! We are also on Facebook and increasingly on Twitter.

Monday Inspiration: Believe in yourself

Monday Inspiration: Believe in yourself

At the time we started in 2003, Facebook and Twitter did not exist. In fact in India many people were still using traditional means of communications. And the mobile phone revolution was a few years old. It’s amazing how much technology, empowerment and communication has come through in these years. We think education, awareness and inclusive growth of the society is not unrealistic as a goal now. Magic, is possible. If only, we believe, in us, and those around us!

MIEF is very grateful of all the people we were able to connect and work with this year to be able to work our way through and create a small difference in our worlds. What a wonderful feeling that is!

We hope you all realise the magic in your lives this coming year.  Wishing you a great , new inspiring year ahead.

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