Monday inspiration: Student invention prescription monitoring device

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Two students, Scott Coldagelli and Andy Bowline, have developed a new prescription monitoring device that can monitor the way people take their prescription medications. Both of them are studying in Wake Forest University’s MBA program.

The technology called NVOLVE System, works by tracking the weight of the medication bottle, monitoring if the patient is taking the medication properly. It is also connected to the internet which means it can alert doctors, caregivers or the patient when pills aren’t taken correctly. Further, the system can be programed to automatically send a text, mail or call if the medication is taken the wrong way.

โ€œWhen the pill bottle is removed and medication is taken out of the bottle, our system picks up when the medication was removed and how much medication was removed,โ€ said Scott Coldagelli.

Coldagelli and Bowline hope to sell the device to public in the next 6-8 months for a price of about $75.

Isn’t it inspiring to start the week with such great ideas! We hope you get working on yours too! Have a great week ahead! ๐Ÿ™‚

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