Monday Inspiration: Will Berman

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Our inspiration for this week is a teen entrepreneur, Will Berman, the founder and maker of Unwashed Denim.

What’s surprising is that all his products are handmade from start to finish by Berman himself, who’s still in high school. He started Unwashed Denim when he was 15. What began as a passion for raw denim developed into a small business. “I started with no knowledge of sewing or construction; my first designs were made out of colored construction paper and staples, but I soon realized this wasn’t going to cut it. I went and bought a sewing machine with some money I had saved up and taught myself to sew — experimenting, prototyping, and failing miserably along the way. Over time, I gained skills and became more comfortable executing my ideas”, says Will.

Inspire yourselves and have a great week ahead!

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