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Millennium India Education Foundation has launched a new webpage with a load of new options and features. The major and one of the most important of them is the introduction of the “GIVE” tab. It allows the readers to help a cause and support us. You can either donate, volunteer for a project, or just contribute your ideas or suggestions to help us grow better.

Our new website

Our new website, pic via

The new website is also better organized and user-friendly. It has been structured under 5 tabs:

1. “About”, where you find the team of people working behind MIEF, contact details and openings (if any);

2. “Programmes”, where you can see the past, ongoing and upcoming projects of MIEF. Besides that it also has a new section “Alternate Narrative” where we share stories from the perspective of people that are not usually covered by the media.

3. “Our Impact”, where you can find testimonials and media coverage of our projects and organization.

4. “Give”, as already discussed above, is about getting the readers involved in a cause either through a donation, volunteer work, or getting the suggestions and ideas of our readers.

5. “Blog”, now has a new look and design, and a better view.

We hope you like the new website. It’s visible now correctly on all your mobile devices as well. Any suggestions and ideas are welcome.

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