Popularizing art amongst the youth

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“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time” – Thomas Merton.

In this tech-savvy generation, art is losing its glare gradually, especially among the youth. Art is not just of cultural and heritage importance, but also very important in developing the creativity and imagination of a person. So, popularizing art among the youth is necessary.

This needs efforts from the educational institutions as well as the parents. Children and youngsters need to be encouraged towards this. Organizations can also play a key role by organizing art festivals and exhibitions. If possible, the youngsters should be provided free viewing to these events. All this can go a long way in developing the minds of the youngsters and children, which will ultimately create a better future for them.

And considering MIEF’s new year resolutions consisted of the idea of working with young people, we decided to take action. The art exhibition we talked about last week is open for free viewing till March 27th! We welcome you to join in and immerse yourself in art, and enjoy the works of different artists who have worked so hard at creating a beautiful world of creativity!



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