A printer that prints food!

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Ever imagined printing food at home?

A German company Biozoon is developing a 3D printer that can produce solid food which dissolves quickly in the mouth. This is specially designed for the elderly who have trouble swallowing solid food. The food will be made from a gelatin base and solidifies upon printing. Unlike the conventional printers, it will use liquified food instead of ink, and instead of different cartridges for different colors, it will have cartridges for liquified meat, vegetables, and carbohydrates. The printer will print out the food layer by layer until the finished meal emerges. The food can also be customized with colorants and texturizers to make them look appealing and taste almost like real cooked food. The company plans to develop this printer by next year.

Apart from this, Biozoon plans for this technology to allow customization of food based on patients’ needs, i.e. meals can be created based on a specific diet or with vitamins specific to the person.

What great possibilities! 🙂

Have a great week ahead!

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