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MIEF Projects

The key influence has been to promote awareness in all fields to prepare the young towards a brighter, stronger future by showing them the importance of new and old ways of learning and knowledge through research.

While we have many projects we would like to share with you, we are mentioning a few here. Please reach out to us, in case you have any questions regarding these projects, or if you wanted to contribute or participate in these. Our most updated activities and events are up on our Blog


Awareness on Astronomy through Taramandal—Mobile Planetarium:

MIEF has worked with NCSTC Division, Department of Science & Technology, Government of India and been able to showcase a mobile planetarium- called the Taramandal in the Delhi NCR region for a few years. MIEF volunteers and experts work with children to build their awareness on astronomy and share the learnings with them. To make these sessions interactive, quizzes and other activities are often conducted for children, which usually receive a great response. Children are often excited by the prospects of seeing stars and gaining knowledge about the planetary systems. Considering this is a ‘mobile’ system, the planetarium has visited several parts of the Delhi NCR region so far. The planetarium shows allow free access to children.

During the April to December 2012 close to 320 schools participated in this program and 733 shows were held at National Science Centre, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi and also at various school premises in the Delhi NCR. About 12519 students witnessed the Taramandal shows. All these students also took part in the Astronomy quiz and shared their excitement with MIEF. Apart from students we also had about 6328 viewers witnessed the Taramandal shows. The project is still in progress.

Climate Change Awareness: Science popularization in young people

MIEF conducted a survey to study the attitude and mindset of youth towards climate change related issues in Mumbai followed up by a conference. The participants discussed how young people could be involved in sensitizing everyone about climate related issues in Mumbai. This project aside, MIEF has been involving student participation in celebrating the World Earth Day and more recently the World Ozone day project with young people in colleges and schools.


Zoonosis: Educational Material on Prevention of Common Diseases Communicable from Animals to Human

MIEF designed and printed a book entitled as “Zoonosis” on Preventive guidelines on diseases that have potential to get transmitted from animals to human. The project was supported by NCSTC Division, Department of Science & Technology, Government of India. This project aimed at creating awareness amongst the people who have pets, rear animals, handle animals (Veterinarians, NGOs working with animals, medical practitioners etc.)

5000 copies have been printed and distributed free of cost to all concerned stakeholders. Besides more than 2000 copies were distributed to schools in Delhi NCR through Vigyan Prasar, New Delhi.

The project also included a 3 day workshop to discuss about the diseases and the content that would form the educational material for dissemination to the target groups. The 3 day brainstorming workshop was attended by experts from Veterinary and Medical sectors in the country, who provided their valuable inputs through presentations and discussions about the diseases.

Zoonosis workshops, a survey and other activities have followed in recent months. The 5th annual Zoonosis conference was recently concluded in Delhi. MIEF is the first and only NGO in India working on building awareness in this area and bringing together various stakeholders on a common platform.


State of current manufacturing conditions of Artisans of artificial (imitation) jewelry in Delhi & Jaipur

MIEF conducted a study amongst the artisans making artificial jewelry in Delhi & Jaipur and later compared the practices followed by the two groups to suggest ways to increase the conditions and marketing potential for these artisans.=The project was supported by Development Commissioner, Handicrafts, Government of India. MIEF continues to support artisans by conducting research and activities to promote their craft.

Revitalization of cultural traditions of Kashmiri Artists 

MIEF has been working hard to revitalize cultural traditions of Kashmiris especially in art and culture through exhibitions, workshops. With this objective, MIEF organized a solo painting exhibition of celebrated Kashmiri Painter Veer Munshi in March 2012. This was followed by an art exhibition curated by a group of artists from Kashmir in 2013-14. MIEF has wanted to bring their art to the online world, however, we are still working on the funds to get this online project working.

Reviving Sharada Script Revival Project

MIEF is collaborating with the Special Centre for Sanskrit Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and the University of Mumbai to organize a workshops on Sharada script learning. The script was used for Kashmiri language and is now not in practice anywhere in India. MIEF aims to revive its learning through a chain of activities in this collaboration for those interested in the language. The Sharada learning project has a very active Whatsapp learning group. Please get in touch with us, if you would like to learn with the students and teachers working on this highly enthusiastic initiative. MIEF is also working with professors and resource personnel to bring out a series of books that will be available for any interested students to learn the Sharada script in the future.


The first project undertaken by MIEF was a directory of Kashmiri Pandits who had moved to the Delhi NCR region. While it was common knowledge on where everyone lived and could be contacted in Kashmir Valley, post the migration of Kashmiris to different parts of the country, these connections became less visible. Vitasta was distributed free of cost to Kashmiri Pandits in the Delhi NCR region and the data collection, printing and conceptualization was done entirely by MIEF. It was received extremely well by the community members.

If you have an idea, or a group that you would like MIEF to work with,
Please feel free to reach out to us.

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