Are our schools producing educated children who can’t get jobs?

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The education system in our country is not something we Indians are proud of. We surely have some very good institutes in our country that impart high quality education, but when it comes to the employability of the students passing out, most of them need serious amends.

According to the first India Skills report 2014, only 33.95 percent candidates were found employable out of 100,000 people assessed by three companies. It was a joint initiative by Wheebox, an online talent assessment company, and PeopleStrong, a technology company, in collaboration with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). It was found that the major cause of lack of employment is because they lack basic English language requirements and functional knowledge.

Another survey across tier-2 B-schools of the country found that only 18% of the students got jobs at the end of the two-year course in 2014. The salary packages have also dropped by 40-45% as compared to last year.

With this kind of education system, we are creating graduates that are unemployable. We need to learn from other countries with much better education systems.

But for students, this means, there’s a lot more additional effort required to stand out from the crowd and create opportunities for themselves. With the right intent, we can make any system work for us, don’t you think?


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