Setting up a new space for Kashmiri art and script!

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As your aware, we have been working on a language revival project for Sharada script. Alongside we also worked with various Kashmiri artists recently as they exhibited their work in Delhi. One of the ideas that came from these two projects together as a next step, was to be able to set up an art gallery online where patrons and interested readers could own these art pieces by paying for them through online means. Here are our key ideas on it

Kashmiri art for charity

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  •  The contributions would go to the artists and a part of these towards the Sharada script revival project
  • The main reason for generating funds for the Sharada project is to be able to collect all the Sharada manuscripts that are spread world over for translations and documentation. Additionally, we will be able to hold more seminars allowing more people to learn the script.
  • The Kashmiri artists whose work we plan to share online, will be able to use the online channel at no cost, and be able to get another distribution channel.
  • We also think it’s a great way to get art popularized amongst the youth who are online savvy and have been unable to physically attend the exhibition.

Currently, we are looking for infrastructure partners and in the process of getting consent from the artists to be able to get this running. We will share the details with you as we are able to build this up.

We hope for your support and also suggestions if any especially for the infrastructure requirements of setting this up online.

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