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Scaling new heights, via

“Mental toughness and determination are the margins of victory.”

Battling heavy physical and financial odds with a smile, Kumar Manikandan became the first Indian to be crowned world champion in the history of climbing.

Born with polio in his right leg, in a family that survives on a daily wage of Rs. 80, he began his climbing career by using his hands to position his right leg before moving to the next step on the wall. Soon, with tremendous practice and determination, he improved his physical condition and began competing against able-bodied climbers in India. Later, he went on to win gold in a tournament regarded as the Olympics of climbing: Para-climbing World Championship, Paris. Even after beating heavy odds to qualify for Paris, he almost failed to make it there. He fell short of the money needed for his travel, but timely assistance from the Karnataka State Police Housing Corporation and the General Thimmaiah National Adventure Academy ensured that he made it through.

Manikandan hopes to use his experience to help others by starting his own climbing academy. Considering his willpower and determination, it’s fair to say that he will surely achieve that.

His story shows that it’s not just about physical strength or ability, we gotta have an equally strong willpower and mental strength. That is the recipe to sure-shot success!

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