Mrs Rashmi Kakroo – Founder Trustee and Chairperson

B.Sc., M.Ed. by education, presently Principal Vishwa Bharati Public School Noida, Ms Rashmi has over 30 years of experience teaching and shaping young minds. She has vast experience of conducting and organizing workshops at school level. She was recently recognized as the ‘Stars of Noida’ for her contribution to the education sector. She is married and is a mother of two young girls- who also feature on this list. Her current technology obsession is “Whatsapp”. She’s a fan of Mirza Ghalib and often sings while cooking.

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Dr Uday Kakroo – Founder and Director

Dr Kakroo is a veterinarian by profession (B.V.Sc & A.H, M.V.Sc). He has over 30 years of experience in the government and social sector. He has a strong expertise in conceptualizing and designing of social sector projects and is associated in honorary advisory capacities with the Heart Care Foundation of India, Manav Kalyan Foundation, BL Jaju Foundation, PHD chambers of Commerce of India, Environment committee, Ekal Vidayalaya amongst others. Dr. Kakroo is most interested in new technologies and downloading new software which often shuts down his PC. His current technology obsession is “Dropbox”. He’s a fan of Amitabh Bachchan movies and often laughs loudly to himself while watching Television.

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Mr. M K Doogar FCA – Financial Advisor

A Chartered Accountant by profession with more than 30 years of experience in managing the finances of many industrial houses in India, Mr Doogar is the financial advisor and auditor of the foundation. He is also an active member of Assocham, Phd Chamber of commber, Rajasthan Mitra Parishad, Maheshwari Club amongst others.

Er Anuj Sinha – Senior Advisor (Policy)

A chemical engineer by profession, Mr Sinha is a highly decorated independent science and technology communicator, who has led many initiatives and innovations in the National Science outreach campaigns over the past two decades in India. At present he is a National Level Monitor for Ministry of Rural Development. He was Director Vigyan Prasar, NOIDA till November 2011 and earlier he was Scientist ‘G’ and Head NCSTC, Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi.

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Mr. K.L. Bakshi – Advisor

B.E. Mechnical Engineering by education, Mr. Bakshi has over forty years of experience in various management roles and also as a technology consultant in the printing sector. He was a part of HMT and the Times group. He is very well travelled and spent time in Germany for projects and also to learn the language. His favourite experience of West Germany (in the 60s) has been to attend the Opera for the first time.

Ms Suman Srivastav – Advisor & collaborator

Mumbai based Ms Srivastav has over 30 years of experience in designing & implementing national NGO programs in India. She is on board of many Government & NGO organisations in the country. She is the director of Healing Touch Research & C.I.T.A and an independent consultant for Corporate Social Responsibility Projects. She enjoys her cup of chai and Pakore at the Samovar in the Jahangir Art Gallery in Mumbai.

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Vatsala Kakroo – Trustee & Treasurer

B.E. Computer Science, presently working with SAP India as a CRM consultant, Vatsala has an industry experience of over 5 years with different multi-national and Indian corporations in the CRM domain. She been signing a lot of cheques and making many presentations for MIEF. She enjoys practicing her singing, especially when others are trying to sleep. She is highly social.

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K Sareen – Advisor

Mr. Sareen has been a socio-political activist with more than 35 years of experience in conceptualizing, & guiding individuals & NGOs in firming up their footholds in the ever changing socio-political scenarios sat national/state & international levels.

H.L. Wangnoo – Senior Advisor

Former regional director SOS International South Asia and East African countries and former project director SOS India.

Ratan Koul – Senior Advisor

Ratan Kaul has over 3 decades of experience in social work actively associated with various issues concerning environment, culture, social and women empowerment. She is also the Advisor for India, for Presidents Institute, a Copenhagen-based network and education organization.

Upasna Kakroo – Trustee & Digital storyteller

Upasna is the co-founder of Content Marketing & Branding Startup, Brandanew. She has an M.B.A. from Germany, M.S. in Tech Policy (Strathclyde, U.K.), B.E. (Electronics & Telecom, COEP, India). Her previous experiences include McKinsey & company, Rocket Internet and others. Upasna has authored a book, several papers and been invited to speak in various conferences. She has a deep interest in collecting postcards. She has been a blogger for a decade now and documents her memories and cultural experiences digitally at Someplace Else. If you specially have questions on MIEF online,

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