2014 is here: MIEF resolutions!

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We wish you all a very happy and enriching new year. We wish your experiences this year are warm, kind and make you reach the high goals you set yourself up for!

Although it’s a Wednesday and time for our ‘awareness bulletin’ today we decided to digress a little for the special day that it is! 🙂

New Year Wishes

MIEF wishes you a happy new year

We are excited to start the new year with gusto and enthusiasm.  We even set a few resolutions for ourselves.

MIEF’s top 5 new year resolutions for 2014 

  1. Work with young people and get more inspired with their ideas, freshness and eagerness to contribute!
  2. Be able to share a lot more through Facebook, Twitter and our blog here.
  3. Work with renewed enthusiasm on our regular projects including the Taramandal, Sharada Script revival,  Zoonosis etc. All our current projects are listed.
  4. Listen more: We also look forward to listening and sharing views of our younger audience through ‘guest posts’ and ‘young expert’ talks !
  5. Have fun! We hope to collaborate on interesting, fun projects in the next year that will be a lot of fun for our team! Give us a shout out if you have a great idea for collaboration ! 🙂
Young minds inspire us!

Young minds inspire us! (this is from MIEF’s events in 2013!)

Happy new Year picture via pinterest

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