5 bizarre changes we may see in the world

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No one can predict the future, but seeing the advancement science and mankind has done over the past few decades, we have tried to predict the following changes that we may witness in the future.

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1. A cash free world: This is not hard to predict. Plastic money and various other forms of cash less transactions have replaced cash to a great extent, already.

2. End of silicon chips: IBM has expressed an interest towards a technological shift towards carbon nanotubes, which are faster, lighter and smaller than silicon chips. Then there is quantum computing, an ever greater advance.

3. 4-D printing revolution: We already have a lot of firms working on this and soon we might be able to print food at home!

4. End of landline telephones: The telegram is gone and soon telephones might too, as even today, anyone hardly uses a telephone.

5. End of deadly diseases: Unlike the rest of the changes, we hope this one does happen, and happens soon. Diseases like AIDS, cancer etc. have killed countless people and we hope that our scientists and researchers find a cure to them, soon.

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