5 reasons why we must encourage children to debate

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For the overall development of a child’s personality, it is very important to develop a set of skills. Here are some of them which can be very well developed through debating.

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1. Develops analytical skills: The ability to critically analyze a problem and propose workable solutions is invaluable.  This is a skill that debate best teaches and high-level business people and professionals possess.

2. Improves listening skills: Debate requires that you become a careful listener and good note taker.  This helps students get better grades and learn faster.

3. Increases confidence: Debating also develops a sense of confidence and self-esteem in children by speaking in front of opponents and audience.

4. Builds public speaking skills: Most people naturally avoid public speaking. Debate provides a non-threatening environment to practice these skills so that down the road when you’re called on to speak in college or on the job, you’ll have the skills necessary to do a great job.

5. Develops team-spirit: An additional benefit of getting involved is building friendships with teammates who enjoy similar interests that further helps in teaching team spirit.

We hope you encourage your children to some of these things! Have a happy weekend!

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