5 Tips to make your kids more creative

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“We are all capable of creating magic, one way or another!”

A child’s creativity starts with their method of thinking and problem-solving. There are a number of ways which can be used to develop your child’s creativity. Here we have five of them, which can be incorporated into daily life.

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1. Allow your child to make simple choices like what to eat for dinner or where to go for the weekend. This encourages them to think independently.

2. Provide items in their environment that can stimulate their imagination, e.g. make an art room for your child, or replace toy guns with some creative toys.

3. Engage in story telling. Story telling is great way to make children learn at same time besides developing their imagination and creativity.

4. Do not put too many limits or restrictions on your child. Some experts say that neatness is “overrated”. Let your child create manageable mess and then help you clean it up. Putting frequent limits makes them think inside the box.

5. Encourage them to recycle things. Making useful things out of trash is one of the best ways to develop creativity. Recycling at home is in itself a creative task. Along with that, it also makes them more responsible towards the environment.

Have a happy weekend! Try a few things and let us know how they work! 🙂


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