Eyeglasses that detect cancer!

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In a research being carried out at Washington University School of Medicine, a high-tech eye-wear has been developed that is helpful in detecting cancer cells.

cancer cells

cancer cells, via

These cells are quite difficult to see even through high-powered magnification, but when viewed under these glasses, these cells glow blue. This makes it very easy for surgeons to distinguish cancerous cells from the healthy ones. This way they can ensure that no cancer cells are left during surgery.

This eye-gear has been developed by a team led by Samuel Achilefu, a professor of radiology and biomedical engineering at the Washington university. The underlying technology basically involves a head-mounted display, custom video technology, and a targeted molecular agent that makes cancer cells glow when viewed through the glasses.

The normal procedure for cancer surgery involves removing tumors and neighboring tissue which may or may not have cancer cells. That tissue is then sent to a lab for tests and if cancer cells are detected, a second surgery is usually recommended to remove additional tissue that is also tested for the presence of cancer. These glasses can potentially eliminate the need for follow-up surgical procedures and save patients from more stress and anxiety, as well as expenses.

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