How inter-school competitions help school children!

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A child’s overall development lies not just in studies and academics. A major part in that is played by the various extra-curricular activities held by schools. Almost all the schools these days organize numerous events and competitions for children right from the primary classes, and it is very useful for the kids in a lot of ways.

Extra-curricular activities,

Extra-curricular activities, via

  • Firstly, it is a great way of spreading knowledge and awareness regarding various issues. They can be used to convey serious messages to children in a very light and colourful manner.
  • Secondly, they help in bringing out the talents in children, because not all the kids are good in studies but some might be really good at art, music or some other activity. So it is a good way of recognizing and developing their talents right from a very young age.¬†Also, the children can find out what they’re more interested in and what is it that they love doing.
  • Thirdly, they provide meaningful recreation for the kids. Rather than just watching the television or playing video games, it helps in developing good hobbies and interests in children.
  • Fourthly, participating in competitions teaches them team-spirit, leadership, sportsmanship, etc.
  • Finally, it also develops confidence in the children and the stage-anxiety can be shed at a very tender age.

It’s not been surprising hence that in the past MIEF has continuously tried to bring out hidden talents of children and introduce them to themes like environment, science and others through the medium of art and extra curricular activities. We have constantly held world earth day art competitions amongst others in various schools.

We also believe looking at the children bring out their own creativity and represent serious issues through the medium of art actually helps us retain the inner child within us and pushes us to create more such avenues to solve problems and bring about awareness in a far more creative way!

We’re hoping you’re getting involved in these activities at every level. Creativity like this doesn’t need to stop at primary school !



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