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Revitalizing Kashmiri art

MIEF art exhibition: revitalizing Kashmiri art, Kashmir image via

Similar to the art/ culture event from 2012, in 2014, Millennium India Education Foundation (MIEF) is glad to announce a 3 day Kashmiri Artists’ Exhibition to be held in Delhi in March.  Dates are under finalization and will be announced very soon.

Entry is free for Kashmiri artists. The exhibition will have 30-40 artworks from at least 12-15 artists. Registration is open from 15th January 2014. Only 2 artworks per artist would be accepted for the exhibition. Interested artists are requested to send their entries with digital photographs of their art works (only 2) to Millennium India Education Foundation. Entries will be closed by 26th January 2014.

For more information, get in touch with us via email or Facebook. Also feel free to suggest names of new Kashmiri artists that we must get in touch with!

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