Monday Inspiration: City gets its own little free library

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Carolyn Shirley with immense love for reading, took it several notches higher by opening a ‘Little Free Library’ in her front yard in a small American town of Elk Ridge. She decided on taking things under her own control and starting up an initiative like this when she realised that the town residents had to go to another town and pay for accessing books.

Little free library

The library currently holds 60 to 70 books and a great collection for toddlers, school going children, and adults.

The idea has come from the Little Free Library organization, which works with a mission to promote literacy, and also sharing wisdom between various generations by sharing in a community. According to the organization itself, by January 2014, 15,000 Little Free Libraries have been set up and several thousands are in progress.

The reason we share this today with you all is to point out, how simple easy ways can be used to build up awareness about education and literacy in smaller communities with low access. This can be done without any government support and all it really needs is an individual with the will to do something good for the community and contribute. This may be a great pointer to those who have rooms full of books that they don’t read anymore. We’ve all been there, don’t you think?

What an inspiration for all of us to find our social mojo!

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