Monday Inspiration: Eat the Frog!

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Sorry for the weird images you may have formulated in my mind, but we are only being a tad Mark Twain-ish this Monday. It’s all too easy to have a tough Monday and keep on procrastinating the “worst” tasks towards the end. But how about trying the reverse this week? We can assure you, it helps if you finish the tough things early morning and leave the low-hanging fruit to the end of the day. What a relax evening we can forecast for you, then!

Even as kids in school finishing all the hard Chemistry questions in the morning, made sports during the rest of the week very guilt free! At MIEF, we plan to start Monday afresh and with those tough tasks, we’d like the rest of the week to be smooth 🙂

We wish you a productive and inspiring week!

Eat the Frog: Be productive

Eat the Frog: Be productive

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