Status of toilets in India

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The status of sanitation and hygiene in India is something to be ashamed of. We have some shocking stats in this regard for our readers :(.

Here are some stinking truths and facts. Nearly half of India’s 1.2 billion people have no toilet at home, but more people own a mobile phone.¬†Only 46.9% of the 246.6 million households have lavatories while 49.8% defecate in the open. The remaining 3.2% use public toilets. This, despite the Indian government spending close to Rs1,250 billion on water and sanitation projects in the last 20 years. Obviously, all that money is going down the drain, literally. About 77% of homes in the eastern state of Jharkhand have no toilet facilities, while the figure is 76.6% for Orissa and 75.8% in Bihar. All three are among India’s poorest states with huge populations which live on less than a dollar a day.

53.2% have a mobile phone, 47.2% have a television, but only 46.9% households have a toilet at home. Shocking but true!

We wish to support campaigns and people working in this domain and encourage you to spread a word about this distressed state too!

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