3 things you need to read to be inspired!

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Inspiration is a daily struggle. We really like to ask ourselves one simple question: Why do you wake up? And then, we realise there’s a lot more in life to be grateful for and a million reasons why we need to be aware, be present and create something new in our lives!

Inspired Adventures Animals Asia China 2012 - 309

Inspired Adventures Animals Asia China 2012 – 309 (Photo credit: Kyle Taylor, Dream It. Do It.)

If you didn’t believe us, here’s the top 3 reasons you need to read to be inspired no matter what sort of a day you’re having:

  • At 30 years, you have perhaps 60 years to go more. If you spend even 3 months on a project that means you could potentially create 240 new projects! Fail fast, and fail often. But live and do what makes you the happiest! Here read this whole article for the good guys who allowed us to think this way.
  • We have a grandmotherly one coming up next: who achieved anything by not doing anything? We believe in the Outliers rule: success needs 10,000 hours of practiceDo it, love it, and then decide that you hate it. You need to allow yourself to try and get a genuine chance at success through practice, don’t you think?
  • You belief in your self is the reason why you are a confident adult. We all want to be that, don’t we? It’s sort of hard to establish a personal brand if you’re forever sleeping unless you were the polar Panda bear. Really. Contributions in life and the world require you to follow through and implement ideas. And remember that no idea (unless illegal or harmful to others) is a failure.

Hopefully you are now ready to define new projects for yourself and get into the weekend inspired! Also, the Panda says hello. Keep us posted 🙂

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