5 tips to raise your kids as confident adults

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Confidence is a very important part of a good personality. We have some tips for you which will help you build confidence in your children.

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1. Praise their efforts when they fail: Don’t let them get demotivated by a failure. Praise their efforts and help them work harder the next time.

2. Provide constructive feedback: Let them know what they’re doing wrong and guide them with a positive attitude.

3. Never underestimate their abilities: Once they start feeling that, they will lose their self-confidence and then always underestimate themselves.

4. Criticize wrong behaviour and not your child: Find out where they’re going wrong and then criticize the wrong behaviour but never your kid.

5. Make sure the praises are more than telling-offs: Keep a track of these if possible, and the criticism should be always less than appreciation.

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