7 reasons why your health is slacking

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Worried about your constantly deteriorating health? Here are some of the reasons why you might be facing this.

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1. Smoking: Cigarettes contain hundreds of harmful chemicals like nicotine, tar and formaldehyde that are hazardous to your health. Long-term cigarette smoking can cause cardiovascular disease, cancer and respiratory problems.

2. Poor diet: Eating an unhealthy diet is a surefire way to worsen your health. Diets composed of foods that are high in fat, salt, sugar and calories can lead to health problems like weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Here are some great food ideas from Amit Joshi, who we had featured earlier this week!

3. Inactivity: Being inactive can deteriorate your health by making your muscles weak, stiff, sore and more vulnerable to injury. Without regular activity, your body will fail to burn calories, causing you to gain weight. Staying sedentary for too long can also decrease your energy.

4. Lack of sleep: Sleep is an essential function that allows your body to rejuvenate. Sleep deprivation can cause health problems like depression, heart disease and cognitive dysfunction.

5. Excessive alcohol consumption: While having an occasional drink is alright, consuming alcoholic beverages in excess can affect your health. Regularly drinking large amounts of alcohol can damage your liver and increase your risk of developing cancer.

6. Stress: Stress can be extremely taxing on both your physical and emotional health. Chronic stress can cause health problems like depression, insomnia and heart disease.

7. Genetic disorders: A genetic disorder is one that you inherit from your family members. Some genetic disorders, such as congenital heart defects, can be present at birth. Other genetic disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis, may surface later in life.

Make sure none of this is the cause for your deteriorating health. Have a healthy weekend!

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