MIEF awareness bulletin: Smoking ban

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We do not need to reiterate that smoking is indeed injurious to health. In the past MIEF has worked extensively with various communities building awareness in this domain especially through the World Tobacco day events we organized targeted at the people who were not entirely aware of the consequences. While it is hard to prove if this is related to “un-education”, we are saddened to see many well educated people ignore this a lot.

In fact, the Government of India made smoking in public places illegal. And yet, many smokers have continued to ignore this rule.¬†WHO estimates 8 million people will die of tobacco each year by 2030. There is an additional issue which comes with “second-hand” smoking impacting people who are exposed to it even though they may not be smoking themselves.

We also wanted to share how grim this epidemic is for pregnant women and children, in the hope that the more we talk about the side effects and issues, people may perhaps learn to respect their own bodies and the health of those around them.


Wish you a healthy life!


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