Which language must we promote: Hindi or English?

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Following the current government’s effort to push for Hindi, we collected a string of interesting pro/con responses on social media.

What’s your view on it? As an English obsessed nation, how do we ensure regional languages are preserved? As an organization, we believe that language is the first step to understanding culture. Therefore, we believe, Hindi needs to be saved, just as much given how many of us think it’s ‘uncool’ to be seen speaking anything other than English. We are also working on a Sharada revival project that is trying to bring back a language/script. At the same time, we believe ‘Indian English’ is unique and also narrates the Indian story. In a multilingual and diverse country, how do we solve for such profound questions?

Hindi or English

via Twitter and Storify


hindi or english

via Twitter and storify

hindi or english

Everyone seemed to be going back and forth, till we found this:

hindi or english

Via Twitter

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