Learnings from Koshur fusion: Art from Kashmiri artists

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We’ve already mentioned the details on Koshur fusion, that MIEF organized in Delhi recently bringing together Kashmiri artists on a common platform for the first time. We’re happy to reflect on the fact that it was a great success. We had people attend from all walks of life, and connecting with so many artists and seeing their superlative work was a treat in itself.

Celebrating Kashmiri art
Celebrating Kashmiri art image via

However, there are a few learnings, that we would love to get opinions on, to help us improve our projects better in the future.

  • Generating funds for art projects: We observed that, while collecting people is one aspect, collecting funds is quite another. This is not rocket science, and the only reason we mentioned this was because MIEF is a non profit and we do not make money of these projects. We only use the funds towards other projects or pass on the funds to the artists for further development. With this knowledge as well, generating funds is a challenge. We also think, generating funds especially in the art domain is a tougher ask. One of the most obvious reasons is that art perceptions are hugely dependent on the tastes and perceptions of individuals unlike consumer products which are seen to have more direct and tangible ‘benefits’. We also see this being connected to financial standing and the usual ‘middle class’ while being appreciative, perhaps does not think art ‘serves any purpose’ or do not see it fitting in their expense structures.
  • Involving younger people: Some of our visitors in fact discussed this, stating perhaps the artists needed to focus on more ‘trendy art’ to be able to reach the audience especially the younger ones. We felt, how can expression ever be limited by trends? And while that is idealistic, we did fall short of attracting young people in huge numbers. We’re thinking maybe we should get Whatsapp to work with us next time 🙂

However, needless to say, we see these aspects as opportunities for the next time, gives us something to think about and work at to make such events even more successful and pertinent.

We look forward to your views on this matter. Help us get the balloons higher. We believe the purpose of art is to create the divine, what greater purpose could there be 🙂



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