MIEF project: Earth Day celebrations!

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First of all we wish you a very happy Children’s day! Today we want to share with you a school project, that readily takes us back to our childhood every time we go through the pictures :-).

With support of the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India, MIEF celebrates the Earth Day every year especially with school children. The Earth Day celebrations are mainly meant to build in awareness about the environment in young children, that allows them to reflect on their daily routines and see the environment and the ‘earth’ from another lens.

We held an Inter school painting competition with the help of Mount Abu School, Rohini, Delhi in 2012, and here are some pictures from that time. It was really amazing to see students being creative and express their knowledge and interest through their paintings. They were fully engaged in the process and excited to be participating.

Earth Day celebration

Painting competition on Earth Day

About 350 students from about 15 schools participated and we had a string of paintings and ideas at the end of our day. While an art competition is probably not a big event (for most people) to share, we think allowing children to express their feelings and ideas through this medium actually makes them far more sensitive and inspired.And inspired children are the heartbeat of a nation, don’t you think?

We got reminded of our school days, were you? 🙂

Art competition in school

Earth day celebrations: Art competition

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