MIEF project: Zoonosis conference learnings 2014

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The recently concluded Zoonosis conference brought many medical practitioners together on a common platform to share various insights.

diseases from animals to humans zoonotic


Some of the key learnings shared about the state of Zoonotic diseases and the statistics surrounding them were as follows:

  1. A disease that starts as Zoonosis may have the potential to develop into a major human communicable disease

  2. Many Zoonotic diseases are able to cause very significant human morbidity and mortality

  3. Zoonosis constitutes nearly 60% of all known human infections and over 75% of all emerging pathogens

  4. Zoonosis are typically endemic and occur in natural focii. Daily 50,000 people die from infectious diseases including “Zoonosis” (WHO) 

  5. Of 1415 human pathogens 868(61%) originate from animals and many of them have established in humansOf the 175 emerging diseases 75% are Zoonotic

  6. Man is directly or indirectly involved. Man is a recipient as well as a donor. To prevent cross infection, social distance between man and other animal species is important

  7. High risk groups include infants, small children, pregnant women, elderly and immuno-deficient patients

  8. Anthrax, Brucellosis, TB, Q-fever, Leptospirosis, Bird Flu etc are also known as occupational Zoonosis

Annual Zoonotic conference 2014


We will continue sharing more insights and educational posts on this conference in subsequent posts!

Have a healthy week!

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