What social initiatives is young India working towards!

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There are plenty problems being a young country. But being a young country also means that young India has the absolute best levels of energy and great opportunities! Anyone who has worked in an Indian company will vouch for the fact that, young Indians are confident, driven and will not take no for an answer. ūüôā¬†


Young happy people can solve any problems! (Photo credit: sandeepachetan.com)

Today, we were feeling really positive and instead of having an awareness bulletin focusing on ‘issues’ which we need to build solutions on, we decided to see how some young Indians are making creative solutions for social problems and changing the world around them. We are really behind these social initiatives and feel an immense sense of pride with people involved. What a great future we have India! ¬†It is important to note that these start-ups due to multiple reasons, including funding are not easy to run. See a great report here.


Here are our top 3 social initiatives or start-ups by young Indians:


  • GreenOkPlease: Started by young girls Shweta Foulger and Rashi Goel, this one is our favourite for multiple reasons. It started as an educational blog on green, organic and environmental and standard ‘good’ practices. Organic is not something to make fun of, but a great social, health and environmental trend to embrace. We are so proud of these young girls who now have an eCommerce platform promoting this trend. Indian girls rule!! We wish them luck!
  • Reap Benefit: Started by three young boys¬†Gautam Prakash, Kamal Raj and Kuldeep Dantewadia. The organization look at low cost means and brings environmental footprint saving by focusing on behavioural change. They tackle issues including waste management, water and energy saving amongst others : the issues which are critical for our country to tackle in the now. We have spoken about some of these grave issues on MIEF before and we can’t tell you how excited we are to see some solutions and creative youngsters in this space! All the best boys!
  • Connect Farmer:¬†Started by¬†Shrikrishna Hegde Ullane– who started showing interest in the initiative from his college days itself, Connect Farmer focuses on bringing the farmer online. The Internet cuts the middleman and helps generate multiple opportunities to the farmers by bringing their products directly to the consumers. Simple idea, great execution! We need so many more people like Shrikrishna!

We all grew up watching the same movies and hearing the same issues multiple times. But how great would it be to take some inspiration from these young people and actually *do something* about them? Tell us what you think!


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